Willkommen bei A.P.A.S.A. Javea

Welcome at A.P.A.S.A.

We give dogs a new home.

Each community of a certain size here in Spain maintains a so-called “perrera” where the community pens all the dogs in that are straying, lost or homeless. If nobody asks for such a dog he will be disposed of after 10 days. Since APASA has started its service 10 years ago here in Javea, we have changed the rules. The dogs are kept in the shelter until we find a new owner or we will offer him a place for the rest of his life.

Would you like to give an APASA dog a new home for life?

This would of course make us very happy. Click the page “dogs for adoption” and you will find some of the dogs that are presently free for adoption. We actually have more than 200 dogs in the shelter here in Javea. Approximately 60 of them belong to the breed called Podenco. Get an impression of this fascinating race, because Podencos are elegant, intelligent and very agreeable animals. However, not every person is qualified to give a Podenco a new home. Podencos tend to live and let others live as well. A Podenco will obey to please his owner but he should not be educated by punishment. If you have questions regarding one of our podencos, please let us know – maybe we have the dog you are dreaming of here in Javea.

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Banco Sabadell, Celestino Pons s/n, E-03730 Javea
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